Excellent opportunities in Space Sciences

By | 09/25/2018

Space science / engineering is a course which has very high demand. Studying various concepts related to universe is called space sciences. In this there are various specializations. They are astronomy, Astro physics, galactic sciences, stellar sciences, space defense, space colonization, GIS, satellite meteorology, global climates, astrospheric sciences, satellite communications etc. Astronauts, rocket scientists, meteorologists are called space scientists.

Best opportunities in Space Sciences

What are the branches?
There are many stages from designing a rocket to launching it into the space or universe. First the satellite will be designed and developed; here every small part of the satellite is very important. Various things like the amount of fuel needed to take the rocket into space, the methods used to place the rocket into space, observing the working of the it after reaching the orbit, every stage is crucial so there must be a proper technical expertise to handle all these things.

Who are eligible?
Those who studied the Physics, Maths as subjects in intermediate and possessing the positive attitude along with braveness are required for these kinds of jobs. After that they need to select Maths, Physics in B.Sc and space physics, astronomy, Astro Physics type specializations in M.Sc. The engineering students must take the specializations like aeronautical / aerospace engineering, Aviationics, physical sciences in B.Tech. After these if you complete the P.hd you will have very good opportunities.

Required skills:

  • Should have a strong grip on Mathematics and Physics formulas.
  • Analytical skills must be there.
  • Must be adventurous
  • Hard working and dedication must also be there.
  • Must face challenges
  • Must always learn new things.

Institutes that provide the above mentioned courses:
In our country starting from the IITs to many state universities are providing the space science and technology courses. IIT-Madras, IIT-Kanpur, IIT-Kharagpur, IIT-Bombay, are providing the aerospace engineering courses in B.Tech. IIT-Kharagpur and IIT-Madras are offering a dual degree program for five years covering both B.Tech and M.Tech. In our state University of Hyderabad (www.uohyd.ac.in), Andhra University (www.andhrauniversity.edu.in) , Sri venkateswara University (www.svuniversity.in), JNTU-Hyderabad (www.jntuh.ac.in) , Osmania University (www.osmania.ac.in), JNTU-Kakinada (www.jntk.edu.in) are providing the courses like aeronautical and aerospace engineering, space physics, astro physics, astronomy, space science and technology in B.Tech, M.Sc, M.Tech, P.hD courses.

IIST: For the courses related to space technologies Indian Institute of space science and technology (IIST) located in Thiruvananthapuram of Kerala has a very good reputation. This university is providing fully the space technology courses only. It has been established in 2007. This is the first ever university in Asia to provide such type of courses. The courses from UG to Doctoral are available in this university. In B.Tech courses like aerospace engineering, avionics, physical sciences are available. In these courses the admission will be provided for those who get minimum of 70% marks in physics and mathematics in intermediate examinations. Until last year the entrance is provided through ISAT exam but now the entrance is only available through JEE advanced score. Various specializations are also available in MS. If the students keep a good academic record and complete their course then they can get placements in ISRO as scientists and engineers.

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